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Our Story

Colibri Coffee was created by husband and wife duo, Hugo and Jenny. Native to Cartago, Colombia, they have over 15 years experience of growing, sourcing, and roasting coffee.

Hugo is the Head Roaster, training and managing quality control and Jenny is the Operations Manager looking after product sustainability and sourcing.

With family members farming coffee across Cairo Valle and Roldanillo, their passion for coffee starts at the very beginning of the journey and filters through from farm to cup.

5 years after Colibri was founded in Colombia, Hugo and Jenny brought their exceptional passion, story, and crafts to the UK. Setting up shop in the suburban neighbourhood of South West London, Surbiton, it is here in their roastery that they develop new blends and grind old favourites.

Our Mission...

Is to source and create the finest coffee whilst also paying our farmers a fair price for their beans.

We also want to share our knowledge with our customers to create special coffee experiences.

We hope to achieve our mission as a union, as a family, and to help each other in any venture we take as a small family business.

What Is A Colibri?

'Colibiri' translates from Spanish to English as Hummingbird. Inspired by the beautiful birds that would often visit Hugo and Jenny at their home in Colombia, some of the coffee blends have been named after different Hummingbirds.